Has your boyfriend been acting a little skeptical lately? Are you doubtful that maybe something else is going on with him?

Well, the only way to confirm whether he is cheating on you or not, is by going through his texts. However, it is too risky for you to check his device yourself. What if you got caught looking? So you are probably thinking- how can I see who my boyfriend is texting without his phone?

Trusted by millions, Spyier is a phone monitoring app recognized by TechRadar, Android Authority, and Life Hacker. It allows you to access the device activity of whoever you want remotely. Capable of monitoring both Android and iOS devices, Spyier will help you rest easy at night.

1) Part 1: The Way Spyier Works on Android Devices

The Way Spyier Works on Android Devices

You can explore your boyfriend’s Android phone’s activities, with a dependable solution offered by Spyier. If every target system is an Android phone, Spyier will do its job in the following manner.

You will have to get a Spyier account first. It is on your Spyier account that you will receive all the instructions about installation. With your account, you can access the Spyier control panel, where you will be monitoring the Android phone’s activities.

Spyier account

Your order requires brief physical access to the device to download and install the app. Note that this is only a necessity in the case of Android devices. The download is not needed in the case of iOS devices.

First, you will have to select the option- “Allow installs from unknown sources.” This option is available in the Android Settings menu. Also, make sure that Wi-Fi or mobile data is enabled on the target device. That’s it. Now you can download and install the app.

Spyier is a 2MB app, which you will download and then install on the target device. Don’t worry; your boyfriend won’t be able to notice it. Because the app takes very little memory, and it runs in the background.

The app will record everything happening on the device. This means that every single activity that your boyfriend does on his phone will get systematically recorded.

Spyier will then transmit all the recorded information to your dashboard with the help of the internet. This means, on your Spyier panel, you will be able to see your boyfriend’s phone activities. And you can easily access the Spyier dashboard via any web browser.

You can easily use Spyier on phones and tablets that are operating on Android 4.0 and above.

Why Should I Prefer Spyier for Android Devices?

Why Should I Prefer Spyier for Android Devices

It is a valid question. Why should you prefer Spyier and not any other spy app out there? There are several advantages:

Spyier works without rooting

Rooting is a process that provides admin-level access to the Android operating system. Spyier may occasionally ask for additional permissions to let you use some advanced features such as geofencing. However, these are not compulsorily required.

You can easily use Spyier without having to root. This is what distinguishes Spyier from all the other spy apps out there. Spyier is technologically advanced and quite superior to its counterparts.

Easy to install

Given that you don’t have to root for Spyier to work, the whole installation process gets a lot easier. The process is simple to understand and easy to execute.

Option to hide

Spyier on Android offers you the option to hide the app, once installed. The app icon vanishes from the screen, making the app untraceable.

Does not drain the battery

Spyier app runs in the background. This means that you don’t have to worry about the app, draining the phone battery. Spyier does not slow down the phone either. Once installed, Spyier is practically non-detectable.

It is clear from the above, what the answer is, to your question- How can I see who my boyfriend is texting without his phone. With Spyier, you can easily snoop into your boyfriend’s android device and get hold of everything he is trying to hide.

But what about iOS devices? Is Spyier in any way effective on those? Although it works a bit differently, Spyier is equally effective on iPhones.

2. Part 2: The Way Spyier Works on iOS Devices?

Spyier is extremely compatible with iPhones. It’s fair to say, Spyier is the best iPhone spy app, currently available in the market. This is how it works:-

  • You will first have to get a free Spyier account. You can use your email ID as the username.
  • You will then have to buy into a Spyier iOS monthly plan. If your boyfriend uses only one iPhone, then a premium plan will do. However, if he uses multiple iOS devices, you might have to subscribe to the family plan.
  • Once subscribed, all the instructions will be emailed to you. All you have to do is to pick the platform- iOS, and then enter the iCloud details of your boyfriend in the blank field. And that’s it!
  • Spyier will take only 10 minutes to sync the iCloud account of your boyfriend.

Spyier will take only 10 minutes to sync the iCloud account of your boyfriend

  • You can log in any time into the Spyier dashboard and monitor your boyfriend’s activity on his iPhone. Want to check out his messages, select the “messages” option of the left panel.
  • You can use Spyier with all Apple iPhones and iPads that operate on iOS 7 and above.

Why should you use Spyier on iOS devices? | Spy What Boyfriend Texting Without Phone

The Way Spyier Works on iOS Devices

The principal advantage of using Spyier for iOS devices is that it is completely undetectable. Spyier is a web-based app, which is why it is untraceable. So you can rely on Spyier for spying on your boyfriend, as he will never be able to find out.

There are several other advantages of using Spyier on iOS:

  • You can set up the app without a jailbreak. This means you don’t even have to download the app on your boyfriend’s iPhone.
  • You can access the phone’s contacts, call log, WhatsApp data, GPS location, calendar events, and messages.

You can access the phones contacts call log WhatsApp data GPS location calendar events and messages

  • You can remotely monitor the phone activity from any web browser.
  • There are over 12 unique phone monitoring features that you can use.

It is noteworthy that Spyier is also capable of running on jailbroken devices, and may provide additional features, depending upon the OS.

3. Conclusion | Spy What Boyfriend Texting Without Phone

From the above, we hope that you now know the answer to- “How can I see who my boyfriend is texting without his phone?” By Spyier, you container quickly get out what is keeping your boyfriend glued to his phone. And the most fun part of all, you get to do this discreetly, in complete anonymity.