How to Choose a Small Solar Power System

small solar power system

Using a small solar power system is an easy way to generate electricity at home or in the yard. It’s also a great way to reduce your utility bill by offsetting your home’s energy use with green electricity. Learn more solar power system for rv |

The perfect solar system size depends on your energy needs and the amount of sunlight your house receives. It’s also important to consider how much electricity you use each month and your habits.

You should ask a company to estimate your power demand and come up with the right size for you. They will probably get your electricity bills from the past few months and look at the average number of kWh your household uses.

Small Solar Power Systems vs. Traditional Power Sources: Which is Better

Your electrical use will dictate the size of your battery and inverter. If you plan to use your power throughout the night, for example, you’ll need a larger battery and inverter to store your solar energy.

Batteries can be expensive, so you may want to check Craigslist and eBay for cheap used batteries or refurbished panels. These used batteries are often in excellent condition and will cut your total costs significantly.

Another option for a cheap solar power system is to buy a ready-to-use portable generator. These portable solar generators have everything you need to start generating electricity: the panel, charge controller, and battery.

If you need a little more power, you can also purchase a grid-tie solar power system. A grid-tie system will connect to the local power grid and allow you to sell any excess solar energy your property produces back to the utility. It’s a great way to get paid for your solar energy and save on your electricity bill.