How to Choose the Best Fitting Men’s Dress Shirts

muscle dress shirts

A  muscle dress shirts | Tailored Athlete that fits you well is an investment, so choosing the right one is important. You want to get a fit that flatters your body, avoids a muffin-shaped look, and allows for movement without bagginess.

Shirts that fit too loose can make you look misshapen or big, while too tight can cause you to have a coiled-up appearance. A properly fitting shirt will give you a professional, polished look that is a pleasure to wear all day.

The best fitting dress shirts for men are available in an array of styles. They can be a bit difficult to choose, so it’s important to shop for the perfect style that fits your preferences and body type.

Muscle Shirts: Tailored with extra room for the pecs, biceps, shoulders and neck tapered to a slim waist these are the best dress shirts for muscular guys and body builders.

The Perfect Fit: How Muscle Dress Shirts Enhance Your Physique

Athletic Fit: Often described as more form-hugging, these breathable stretchy fabrics drape loosely over your upper body. These shirts can be good for those with a muscular build, but they might not be the best option for those who have a more athletic frame or broad shoulders.

Performance Shirts: A good fitting performance dress shirt is made from lightweight, breathable fabric with four-way stretch that maintains a sleek and smooth shape. It also helps you keep cool while resisting wrinkles, and is easy to care for with moisture wicking technology.

A great performance dress shirt is a must have in every man’s closet. Whether you work in an office or run a small business, it’s critical to be comfortable all day so that you can focus on what’s important.