Where does your website stand with all the latest SEO trends? The rapid evolution of the internet compels you to keep up with the current standards. Otherwise, your website will be eating dust.

A simple website improvement doesn’t translate to having better rankings in search engines. Unless you apply the newest SEO trends, you’re only wasting time and money.

It’s also crucial to know what Google wants. However, it’s not always easy to determine. This leading search engine doesn’t give out related memos.

Don’t worry. We’ve compiled the latest trends from the best analysts in the industry. Here are five ways to get ahead in the SEO race this 2021:

1. Improved User Experience

Top SEO Trends

Google’s algorithm changes revolve around delivering a better search experience. It involves improving its search engine as well as your website’s performance.

Core Web Vitals, the new metric announced by Google last May 2020, will be in full swing this year. It measures user experiences based on Visual Stability, Loading, and Interactivity.

Simply put, your site’s page speed should be optimal. The site should stabilize, with website elements loaded, in a few seconds. A website that loads fast means users can have efficient interaction with it.

2. Better Capture of User/Search Intent

A fast-loading site is worthless unless it answers the user’s search intent. However, it’s not a simple question-and-answer matter. Your website must provide the most comprehensive information about the subject.
SEO content will never go out of style. Articles must contain specific keywords your target customers are searching for.

3. Audience Retention Plays a Big Factor

SEO (Search engine optimization) is not just regarding keywords anymore. Remember, your competition is using these keywords as well.

To get Google to recommend your site over them, you need to retain your audience as long as possible. Google measures user satisfaction based on how long a user stays on a site. This means no bouncing back to the search engine as soon as they arrive at your page.

4. Brand Presence Is Even More Significant

Your site’s brand presence translates to social media visibility. Audiences these days prefer video posts. YouTube, Facebook, and even TikTok are great platforms to make a specific video go viral.

A viral video can be volatile, though. It can get buried by the next video that becomes popular overnight. However, don’t discount its power in boosting your brand’s presence.

This, by far, is the most effortless trend to set your groove on. You can also ensure the virality of your TikTok videos if you purchase TikTok followers.

5. Mobile-Friendly Site Is Now Mainstream

Many more people use their smartphones to go online these days. Google prioritizes sites that load faster on mobile and have an intuitive design. Thus, it’s only natural for you to make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Simplicity in website layout is essential in improving page load speed. With a seamless experience, users stay longer on a site — improving audience retention. A mobile-optimized website moves you up several notches in this highly-competitive SEO race.

6. Stay Ahead With These Top SEO Trends of 2021

The SEO game this year is more complicated than before. Take the lead by implementing strategies following the direction of these SEO trends.

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