With the continued innovation in technology, it is only imperative that most tasks may be for school or work and are now mostly found online. Hence, it is also vital that you have useful web-based tools available to you anywhere and at any time.

Recent events caused so many changes in several industries. However, the daily grind must go on, and for many industries, the need for online applications and tools became rampant. One of the standard tools that you would find necessary is a word to pdf converter online.

Among the various online converters, PDF Bear is the safest and convenient tool to use. It is easy, and you will also have several options aside from converting your files, such as splitting, merging, repairing, etc. Additionally, PDF Bear is readily accessible through many devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

1. File Conversion with PDFBear

In PDF Files editing or editing your files, PDFBear can offer almost everything you need. It is accessible to everyone, anywhere, and. You can freely use the helpful online tool at your convenience without losing your essential data.

You might find several reasons you need a word to pdf converter online tool. No matter what reason you have, PDF Bear can help you achieve your task.

With this tool, you are confident that it is safe and that your documents’ critical contents stay intact. PDF Bear guarantees that you will not lose any data upon converting or editing your essential documents.

Converting your Word Documents to PDF is achievable in these easy steps:

  • Upload your Word document you wish to convert to PDF.
  • PDF Bear will scan the document.
  • Wait for the conversion process to finish.
  • Once it is then, your new PDF file is ready for download.

Using the PDF Bear to convert your Word files only takes up to two minutes. You can also convert your PDF file and make it into a word document with your document contents safe even after converting.

2. PDF Bear Values Your Privacy

Another thing to note when you use PDF Bear is that you are sure that your documents are safe. The internet can be harmful as it is useful. Some people take the opportunity to use online platforms to find valuable files, and some even take credit for it. With PDF Bear, your privacy and file security matters.

This online tool automatically deletes your files after an hour and erases it permanently from the server.
Converting your Word files to PDF on all Platforms

Even if you have a different operating system for your Doc or Docx files, PDF Bear can still help you convert those files. This helpful web-based tool works on all systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

Also, you can directly convert your Doc files into PDF using PDF Bear. This web-based tool can guarantee to keep your data one hundred per cent intact.

No harm will fall on the contents of your important documents, while the converting process is taking place. You will have an excellent output and keep using PDF Bear for its other features.

3. PDF Bear Other Features

PDFBear is not limited to converting your files, may it be a Doc, Excel, and even JPG to PDF and vice versa, but you can also use the other features found in this web-based tool. Here are some other useful features you can easily use for your convenience:

Split – with PDF Bear, you can extract several pages from your PDF files. Whether you need to delete, add or remove a page from your file, you can use PDF Bear to achieve that goal.

Merge – of course, together with the split feature, and you can also efficiently combine your files into one PDF file using PDF Bear.

Compress – some online application tools would require a minimum file size. If your PDF file exceeds the requirement, you can use PDF Bear to solve your dilemma.

So, if you are looking for a perfect online PDF editor, PDF bear is the ideal tool that can satisfy that need.