Do you ever wonder what it is that decides your growth at work? Is it your credentials? Is it your perseverance? Is it your passion? Or is it your results? It is a cornucopia of many character traits that decide how high you will move up in your career. This article will list a few of these factors that play a crucial role in making you successful at work.

1. Patience:

Patience is a characteristic of the wise. Your work will not be a piece of cake. It will test you, break you and make you want to give up at many times. Keep patience, and you will shine through all your professional challenges.

2. Strong Communication:

Patience, Strong Communication, Keep your point across, Look for opportunities, Discipline

Your workplace is like a community where people benefit from each other and work together to achieve a common goal. Being an introvert at work doesn’t help. Have strong communication skills to make fruitful professional relations at your workplace.

Communication skills also help you convey your ideas to those who are different than you. Don’t expect that your boss will understand the technicalities of cloud security. They have not undergone ethical hacking training, unlike you. So, keep your communication skills healthy and effective.

3. Keep your point across:

Along with strong communication skills, you also need to make sure that you put your facts, opinions and ideas across. If you have an idea, don’t be shy to share it with your team. Be vocal about your thoughts and speak your mind at work.

4. Look for opportunities:

A good worker does not shy away from responsibilities. Instead, a good worker always seeks more chances to prove themselves. This trait shows that you are ready to go an extra mile and makes you stand out of the crowd.

5. Discipline:

Good discipline is a must in any professional activity. Those who are disciplined in their personal lives always tend to be punished at work as well. Make sure you are following timelines, coming to work and meetings on time, and delivering work on your agreed deadlines.

6. Solve problems, don’t point them out:

Instead of being a cribber and complain box, become a problem solver. Try to suggest solutions as much as you can and stay away from gossip and blaming people. It is no top secret that everyone appreciates a problem solver.

7. Leadership skills:

Even if you don’t have any team under you, you can still showcase leadership qualities by guiding others and working as a leader at your job. Moreover, if you are offered a leadership opportunity, grab it with every ounce of excitement you have.

8. Evolve your skill:

Don’t be stagnant in your career. Keep learning on the job and off the job, regularly. For example, if you are a CEH, you can evolve and strengthen your pentesting skills by undertaking the CPENT certification. Remember that those who remain stagnant in their skills remain stagnant in their career.

9. Handle pressure well:

The real test of your character is when you are in an unfavourable situation. How you handle the stress, the anxiety, the expectations, and your behaviour at this time will decide how much you will grow as a professional.

10. Empathy:

Having empathy is the trademark of a wise and genuine person. Your workplace can sometimes become your warzone, where your colleagues can sometimes become your enemies. But having empathy and cooperating in such times will help you in the long run, building strong allies and connections with those who will walk beside you in your professional journey.

Other than these, having a positive attitude and accepting criticism as feedback are also important factors that push you towards a bright and shining professional life.