If 2020 has taught us something, working from home should be taken as an opportunity. The year necessitated working from home. Not many businesses were prepared for it and faced the brunt of a sudden shift. People came to realize that there was so much they couldn’t do from home.

The dependency on office infrastructure was too much. People were not aware of faxing facilities from apps like CocoFax that negates such reliance. The functions were bottlenecked as people did not have an option.
This is where remote faxing apps come to the rescue.

You perform not want to rely on the service fax machine to send or receive a fax. You can function without wires, cables and any dependency. Working from home was made more efficient by sending a fax from home.

1. Sending Fax from home through CocoFax

CocoFax eliminates the dependency upon the fax machine. Working from home becomes all the more efficient when you have the impetus to work. With natural features like faxing through Google, sending and receiving faxes becomes efficient and quick.

You might wonder how an app can be a fax machine. CocoFax is an online fax service software and service provider. This platform ensures that its subscribers can send and receive faxes remotely.

You can avoid the toiling interface of a fax machine. You can send faxes with wifi, Email, Microsoft Office 365, google drive, your laptop, phone or any internet compatible device. All that and also can be prepared from the comfort of your very home.

2. Fax over wifi through CocoFax

With a reliable platform like CocoFax, sending Fax over wifi becomes easy. You can send faxes online and immediately through CocoFax. You can transfer and get faxes from any internet compatible device.

Fax over Wifi through CocoFax

For faxing through the wifi, you need to have the following prerequisites in place:

3. WiFi Connection

You can use the wifi to send and receive faxes from any internet compatible device. It would help if you had a reliable internet connection, i.e. wifi, to use any available form of sending Fax using CocoFax.

You can fax through the dashboard, email, or any other faxing methodology of your choice under the wifi connection by using CocoFax.

4. CocoFax subscription

It would better if you had a wifi subscription. If you do not want to engage in any fixed subscription commitment, you can get a 30-day free trial. CocoFax provides a 30-day free trial which can be used to assess your level of compatibility with the application.

5. Internet Compatible Device

You need an internet compatible device which will be used to be sending or receiving the Fax. The device could be a laptop, desktop or phone, something you anyways generally use to communicate.

6. CocoFax Dashboard

CocoFax Dashboard

You can also use the web browser for CocoFax dashboard. This way, you can successfully send and receive faxes directly from the web-based app. The interface and comfort you would attain from this platform would be efficient.

The dashboard also acts as a database of all the faxes sent and received. Every Fax you send or receive will have its actual log recording date, time and other particulars.

7. Fax through Email

CocoFax is compatible with all major email accounts to send a fax from. You can use Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and other major mail accounts to send out faxes. The fax number for CocoFax turns out to be (numeric digits of fax number)@cocofax.net.

This is the sole requirement of sending a fax through email. The suffix makes the fax number turn into an email. CocoFax acts as a mediator between two fundamentally different modes of communication.

8. Fax through Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office 365 can additionally be utilized as a highly convenient mode. You can either use Outlook as an emailing option or use Microsoft Word, again, to send out faxes. Add CocoFax feature to the Microsoft word document. It will then appear as a ribbon on the home of the Word document.

Anytime you want to send a Word document as a fax, you can click on the ribbon. It will lead you to the CocoFax account. Once logged in on CocoFax, you can then check, reconfirm and send further. Your Fax will be sent successfully.

9. Fax through Google Drive

Fax through Google Drive

Google Drive acts as our database for so many documents. One additional way in which CocoFax helps you is that it allows sending and receiving fax documents. Resultantly, you can fax directly from the drive.

What makes CocoFax the Easiest Way
With CocoFax, you can attain a sense of security and confidentiality. Your information will not leak. The message will be sent to and received by the intended fax number. It is undoubtedly a very reliable name.

10. Reliability

You can trust CocoFax blindly. There are no ways in which any sort of information leakage from CocoFax can happen. There is extreme security in the conduct of CocoFax.

11. 100+ Fax Cover Sheets

CocoFax also offers a significant number of well-structured fax cover sheets. The fax cover sheets can be part of the fax document. Fax cover sheets also enhance the professionalism that the document has to offer.

12. 30 day Free Trial

CocoFax offers a 30 day free trial period. The application provides an insight into the functionality of the app. Even if you cancel the subscription within the trial period, no extra charges will be levied.

13. Delivery Notification

As for the said Fax delivery, you will get an email notification on your registered email ID. Even if the Fax goes undelivered due to humane errors or turning off the fax machine, you would get a failure notification.


CocoFax assists in efficiently faxing through Google. It enables and assists in remote working in the best possible manner. If it weren’t for the efficiency offered by CocoFax, working from home would be mostly incapacitated.

Let go of your faxing woes faced while you worked from home. Online fax services have evolved for the better. So, trade your dated fax machine with something useful.